We are incredibly proud to announce that the Project Space Festival Berlin is spreading its wings with a new Project Space Festival – in Juárez, Mexico. The Project Space Festival Berlin was initiated to examine and celebrate the independent art spaces of the cities that it is held in, so we are very excited to turn the spotlight to Juárez.

The team in Mexico will create an exchange between Berlin and Juárez and take a curatorial theme focused on the two cities‘ unique nightlife:

The Project Space Festival Juárez is about the ‚party‘ as a space to search for freedom and community. Its aim is to reflect upon the importance of having recreational time as a tool of resistance. Through this subject, a dialogue will be generated between Juárez and Berlin.

Artists will include Boris Eldagsen, Matthias Fritsch, Stine Marie Jacobsen and Sarah Schoenfeld from Berlin, as well as Alicia Fernández, Sébastien Lange, Perla De la Rosa and OCHOCARAS (Agustin Lara) from Juárez amongst others.


Image: Bazar Cultural del Monumento.