After five wonderful days, the Project Space Festival Juárez has ended. For those who couldn’t be there we want to share with you some of the highlights and give a little insight into the lively and exciting cultural scene we have encountered.

Project Space Festival Juárez was lead by the question: Is it possible to have a deeper understanding of the identity of Juárez by reflecting upon the meaning of a celebration? Artists from Berlin and Juárez were invited to collaborate and generate a visual dialogue addressing the idea of a celebration.

Juárez is known for its nightlife, which began to grow during the prohibition period in the United States. People from the north would come every weekend to Juárez to have a good time. There were many nightclubs and shows every night. It was seen as a no mans land of freedom and decadence. However, a few years ago, Juárez was rated as the most violent city of the world. The main cause of the violence was narco-traffic.

With the Project Space Festival Juárez, the organizers start a discussion about different aspects of celebration and its meaning for Juárez.

Artists included Boris Eldagsen, Matthias Fritsch, Stine Marie Jacobsen and Sarah Schoenfeld from Berlin, as well as Alicia Fernández, Sébastien Lange, Perla De la Rosa and OCHOCARAS (Agustin Lara) from Juárez amongst others.


Acción y Muestra
With: Matthias Fritsch, DJ: OCHOCARAS; VJs: Carolina Arroyo, Daniel PG and eseChuy
Location: Outside Museo de Arte Ciudad Juárez

With: Sarah Schönfeld, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Juan Flores, Nayeli Hernandez, Adrian Ricaldy, Alexandra Cesar, Ivan de Anda, Fabian Escarzaga
Location: Video Room Museo de Arte Ciudad Juárez

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With: Boris Eldgasden, Alicia Fernández, DJ Pleasurekraft
Location: Hardpop

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Claiming Space!
With: Nora Mayr, co-founder Project Space Festival Berlin

Do you have time to kill me today?
With: Stine Marie Jacobsen, artist
Location: Centro Cultural de las Fronteras

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Lucha Libre
With: Trimegistro & Aereo vs. Akantus & Fussion; Diosa del Ring vs Zafiro; Mini Fussion & Mundano vs. Centinela & Mr. Alfa; Rabia vs. Kempo Jr.
Master of Ceremonies: Cassandro el Exótico
Location: Bazar del Muno at Plaza Benito

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La Fiesta
With: Sebastian Lange, Perla de la Rosa, Christian Javier Valenzuela
Location: Telón de Arena

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Project Director: Gabriela Durán

Organizers: Jesus Cardenas, Ivan De Anda, Marcia Santos, Eduardo Villareal

Partner: Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez (UACJ)

Photographer: Jose Aguirre

Videographer: Juan Arras