The Kleine Humboldt Galerie is a student initiative for the conception and organisation of exhibitions at the Humboldt-University in Berlin. Since its refoundation in 2009 the KHG annually organizes three thematic group exhibitions within the premises of the university. Past exhibitions were dedicated to issues regarding educational policy, the dream of a universal language, cultures of political protest, as well as scientific visualization techniques in contemporary art. The KHG was founded in 1978 by employees of the Humboldt University data center and by Berlin artists. Initially serving to decorate the corridors it evolved into an institution that provided exhibition opportunities to artists in the GDR who received little or no government funding. With reference to the academic context the KHG nowadays focuses on an engagement with the architecture and the history of the exhibition spaces. These include the atrium in the main building as well as other university spaces that the KHG temporarily uses. By employing contemporary art as a medium for the production of knowledge and education and presenting it along with objects of visual culture, the initiative seeks to open up an experimental sphere of activity for the epistemic value of images and objects within the university.