Kreuzberg Pavillon, founded in 2011, focuses on the development of expanded exhibition concepts, which so far can only be created and implemented in project spaces. The special intellectual and sensory freedom experienced by artists and, in turn, the visitors in project spaces is tested in a large number of exhibitions and open concepts that form a necessary, de-institutionalized experiential space. The initiators of Kreuzberg Pavillon agree that the existing institutional framework offered by museums and galleries alone is not enough to develop a perception that corresponds to the autonomy of art and its perception within society. In order to create this “third space” for artistic perception, the initiators of the Kreuzberg Pavilion, through special exhibition concepts, discussions and calls, are committed to a multifaceted and open concept of project space, which should correspond to this intent. A particular focus is on bringing artistic thinking into the organization and functioning of spaces that are socially effective and open.