Our project space is a motor, a two-stroke engine composed of Carola Rümper and Marnie Müller, who will provide the spark to ignite the the engine (subtract wasteland of any kind). A dynamic will be initiated and fueled by large numbers of cosmopolitan visitors (national and international); the synergy generated by this potent mix of thought will culminate into one ecstatic celebration. The propulsive power via chain reaction (classic) or belt drive (modern) is extended by the contemporary.

At this juncture the fickle should not be underestimated, that which allows achievement of multiple outputs. The fully automatic system doesn’t call hookup (interaction) & switching (communication) unnecessary. Like the artist’s studio, the classic project space has pedals (architectural landscape and urbanism), however they are not used to pedal but to start the engine. The project space is a flexible means of transport. Other benefits of the project space include a relaxed, upright position, good suspension and a more comfortable seat.