In the fourth year of NOTE ON’s existence, it has decided to work without a fixed space to be able to react upon differing situations, sites and contexts. Instead of asserting a space, it likes to meander and discover new areas of crossing, in which figurative thinking provokes the genesis of ideas and critique. For 2014, NOTE ON has received manifold invitations from institutions, artist run initiatives, project spaces, private collections and archives. At each site and occasion it will tailor an improvised virtual social fabric whose patterns and pores are woven by artists, thinkers, researchers, local experts, collaborators and strangers. We consider these pores as leaps for ‘temporal vertigos’ (Tiina Kirss 2006), indecisive states in which the known touches the unknown. NOTE ON is interested in artistic practices that conceptualize topographies where certain figures of thought get shaped, drawn and placed. Locating the question of culture in the ’beyond’ (Homi K. Bhabha 1994), it creates exhibition formats and research projects on in-betweenness, interstitial passages and ex-centric sites of experience – like in Krampfographien/Crampographies realized in February 2014. Back then, NOTE ON immersed into states and topoi of physical tension and reflected the potentiality of the cramp as a collective-singular collapse from a queer and post-identitarian perspective. Reading acceleration, arrhythmia, disruption, temporal overload and circulation of seemingly dismembered pieces of chronology as disturbing effects and significant proofs of periods of social and political upheaval (Kirss 2006), NOTE ON confronts those splinters with the everyday. Therefore it records ideal and actual spatializations of movements and thoughts between past and future, mind and matter, institutional sites and public spheres.