“Cognitive Capitalism as Artificial Intelligence, Busy Constructing Itself”
With a strong focus on theoretical discourse and outfitted with their own libraries, Archive Kabinett and Decad decided to place the focus on their commonalities within XCHANGE. In this project, they will jointly expand their respective libraries with new publications and invite participants to join in reading groups on Saturday and Sunday. Visitors are invited to explore the new additions to the libraries, to participate in discussions, or to listen to the conversations of the reading groups.

Festival insight at Archive Kabinett by Oana Popa:BAW_18092015_080_ArchiveKabinett_GBAW_18092015_077_ArchiveKabinett_GBAW_18092015_075_ArchiveKabinett_GBAW_18092015_073_ArchiveKabinett_G

Festival insight at Decad by Oana Popa:OanaPopa_BAW_18092015_094_Decad_GBAW_18092015_099_Decad_GBAW_18092015_096_Decad_GBAW_18092015_101_Decad_GBAW_18092015_098_Decad_G