FK-Kollektiv is a space for collaborative learning. We support the exchange of ideas, skills, and resources for personal, artistic, and professional growth. As an exhibition platform, we encourage playful, radical experimentation and exploration. As a non-commercial gallery space, FKK’s main goal is to support collective experimentation. We engage in all art practices positing that art can function as a forum for exploring new ways of thinking. Feminist, anti-racist, queer, and intersectional, we are an interdisciplinary group of artists coming from varying countries, cultures, academic, creative and practical backgrounds, each bringing their perspective into one or all of the platforms we offer.

“Self psych sync (sic)” is a politically motivated event series examining the therapeutic and potentially activist place of the self portrait. The series begins with a durational immersive performance. Artists will examine the ‘self portrait’ using performance to deconstruct its modes of creation as well as our collective understanding of the term. Each selected artist has previously explored the concepts of ‘identity’ and construction of the self. Some performers will inhabit a position in our physical gallery space for at least 7 hours. Other performers from outside Berlin will appear as live-stream projections.