Kinderhook & Caracas is a project space run by Sol Calero and Christopher Kline. It is named after their hometowns of Caracas, Venezuela and Kinderhook, New York respectively. The program focuses on the presentation of solo exhibitions, collaborations, and co-­curated projects with an emphasis on creating a cohesive, in-­depth, new body of work. Also presented are archival and research-­based exhibitions which explore methods of knowledge production and preservation. All projects are presented alongside researched texts developed with the artists to offer tangential and alternate readings of the work.

For their entire 2016 program, Kinderhook & Caracas has initiated CONGLOMERATE, a collaborative Gesamtkunstwerk presented in the form of a television network, produced in collaboration with artists and filmmakers Ethan Hayes­-Chute, Derek Howard and Dafna Maimon. Block One is viewable online at .