photo: Dagmar Gester

Coming and Going, or Living Community
Solidarity, networking, and working together – by our own efforts. What is the current situation?

Organized by the Netzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume und -initiativen

An appraisal and assessment of current social (self-help) instruments before the background of the rising demands put upon individuals. Do we need new forms of communication and cooperation? What groups already exist? Is the creation of art scenes through spontaneous overnight exhibitions an obsolete model from the nineties? Behind this stands a vision of an open and respectful attitude, lively communication, a diversity of relations: an artistic communication network that reflects the diversity of the city.

Moderator: Ulrich Gutmair (taz)

Jim Avignon (Haus Schwarzenberg)
Sonja Hornung (x-embassy, Kunstblock,)
Marie-José Ourtilane (Project Space Festival, formerly General Public)
Martin Pfahler (Atelierhaus Genoss. Berlin eG)
Steffi Weismann (KuLe e.V.)

The discussion will be held in German. We offer in-person interpretation services into English. If you need an interpreter, please inform the Netzwerk team before the event starts.






Photo: Oliver Möst