The SCHAU FENSTER is a room for art in Berlin-Kreuzberg. 25 meters wall, 25 meters window front: The name says it all. Since August 2010, the former showroom for water fittings has been used for monthly changing group exhibitions of contemporary art. Since then, SCHAU FENSTER has established itself as a forum for encounters, stylistic diversity and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Dedicated to diversity and quality, the SCHAU FENSTER is not only a venue for exhibitions but also for performances, readings, smaller concerts and film screenings. The opening evenings are accompanied by artist DJs and usually turn into lavish celebrations. The audience consists of all age and social groups. Charlottenburg jacket meets Neukölln hairstyle. People often come here who would not otherwise have met. Art thus also becomes a social medium that enables and initiates discussions that otherwise might not be conducted in this way.