Schneeeule is a space for exhibitions, screenings and lectures in Berlin. The project space has been run by Silke Nowak since 2016 and was founded with Matti Bergmann in 2012. Like the eponymous bird, the space is flexible in its locations. The venue for the first couple of events was a salesroom in the Berlin Carré, located at Alexanderplatz. Ever since, various venues have been used for following events – including a garden, a bar, and a cultural center. In order to meet a large scope of different approaches towards exhibition making, Schneeeule is dedicated to collaboration, and thus invites different artists as well as curators. Another objective of Schneeeule is to present less-visible positions, especially female artists, by making them visible and give them space for a public debate. Showing Verena Pfisterer’s work for instance, led to increased attention to her artistic position within the contemporary art context. Further exhibitions and screenings featured paintings, drawings and films by Verena Schirz-Jahn, Coleen Fitzgibbon and Toni Sachs Pfeiffer.