SPEKTRUM is a space of convergence for cultural communities and transdisciplinary groups emerging and operating in and off Berlin. The project aims to bring confrontation, open knowledge and a platform for idealization, realization and presentation of technology-based artworks, science-focused events and futuristic utopias based on the principle “do-it-together-with-others”. Above all, we are an open organization promoting participatory processes to co-define and co-design a social and physical playground for curiosity and critical understanding.

Through the communities in our SPEKTRUM community program, we connect different realities in the city to each other to explore a certain topic from different angles, with a focus on providing an artistic output. Since June 2015, different communities around topics such as olfactory art, live cinema, sonic coding, gaming, motion technology and digital fabrication have been set up at Spektrum, meeting up regularly to share ideas, exchange knowledge and create new projects together.