District Berlin is an interdisciplinary project space for artistic and social experiments at the intersection of visual arts and other forms of knowledge production. With a focus on urban space and the interrogation of different urban social imaginaries, Running since 2009, District realizes a versatile program of art projects including research and performative practices in public spaces, exhibitions, performances, discourse and workshop formats, situation-specific installations and interventions, publications as well as experimental education.
Taking its outer location within the social, urban and cultural diversity of the Tempelhof-Schöneberg area as conceptual premise, District engages in perspectives which are currently at the margins of political and cultural (self-)representation and provides a platform for the investigation of tactics of enunciation and infiltration. In this sense, District performs as trans-cultural harbourage, paradoxical rehearsal stage and mutable archive of contemporary artistic-intellectual practices. Taking up discourses in the seam line of everyday life and global society, District explores, scrutinizes and connects ideas and politics between the poles of body and urban space, infrastructure and desire, economy and performativity, (post-)national geography and astronomy, history and imagination.