KuLe stands programmatically for art and life and is a project space founded in 1990. It is composed of a whole house, which is used as a living and working space by an artist community.
Two special characteristics are the ‘claim of place’ in the gentrified Auguststrasse and its facade gallery, which enables large temporary installations. The spaces of the association on the ground level are used since 1990 for various non-commercial artistic activities. They are multifunctional and flexible, and are used for public presentations but also for internal use. The respective spaces (40 qm and 70qm) are utilized for alternating exhibitions, concerts, conferences, performances or bar. The coordination and organization of the events are executed by volunteers, a team of residents and guests. Several series of events coexist with KuLe’s artistic profiles, including for example the monthly Labor Sonor (since 2000), and the exhibition series M.I/mi1glissé.