La Plaque Tournante is a non commercial artist space (which was a former praxis medical cabinet), located in the Neukölln area of Berlin and ran since 2014 by french composer Frédéric Acquaviva and english mezzo-soprano Loré Lixenberg.

Every three months, an exhibition is held in this very particular space, that has kept some furnitures of the ex medical cabinet to give a very special spirit, partly based on the Acquaviva Archiv (avant-garde records, tapes, books, ephemera, manuscripts, drawings, paintings, sculptures, films, photographs, multiples, objects…) with some (un)related events (concerts, performances…).

The openings (« Tabulé Rasa » soirées) are free entry (“Create or Donate” ), and then by appointment only.

Other concerts or soirées (contemporary music with Loré Lixenberg, etc…) are periodically programmed, with or without any particular relation with the ongoing exhibitions focused on «art and writings » (lettrism…), « extended body » (body art, bio art, actionnismus…) and « extended music» (sound poetry, experimental music, books and multiples or sound art…). La Plaque Tournante also hosts Editions AcquAvivA and ß@£.

An artist magazine, « CRU », is published once a year, that relates what has happened or what could have happened at La Plaque Tournante