size does matter. a statement.
zwanzigquadratmeter = 20qm = smaller cannot be
small space = small rent
small rent = makes it possible over the years

zqm ist a very small art space in Berlin-Friedrichshain that invites artists to live and work in the structure, operating since 2007.
zqm is not subventioned by any foundation nor grant. Its very reduced rent allowed over the past seven years to keep going with a program of thrilling young positions (mostly produced in situ).
The structure – a single room fully furnished flat, and the tiny white cube bellow – is provided by its director, whereupon the participating artists fund the artwork themselves. It works.
Beside, the very small dimension of the space makes it possible to produce an effective show within a reduced medium, – minus a couple of fifty Euro banknotes – without compromise.
Not being sponsored ensures a greater freedom of expression. No cause to champion, no bill to pay, nothing to sell.
Size does matter.
(Eric Emery, March 2015)