insitu is a curatorial initiative and non-profit space for contemporary art in Berlin, founded in 2012. The name insitu refers to the team’s understanding of curatorial practice as being necessarily «in situ» in terms of cultural, social and geographical spaces.

insitu designs its program in annual Cycles, which provide a thematic focus for the upcoming exhibitions, screenings, performances and lectures of the year. This cyclical structure provides insitu with the opportunity to ask new questions each year. Together with the invited artists and guest curators, insitu delves into different approaches to artistic work and curatorial processes.
In the upcoming Cycle III insitu embarks on a journey into the unknown. With the aim to experiment with new formats for exhibition concepts, insitu takes a risk and will develop group exhibitions as fictional characters. We are waiting to meet with Lizzy, Jonnie or Mark.

insitu was founded by the curators Marie Graftieaux, Nora Mayr and Gilles Neiens and was enlarged in 2014 by the participation of the curator Lauren Reid.