August 23_IAM

INSTITUT FÜR PATAPHYSIK and INSTITUT FÜR ALLES MÖGLICHE type and add stars to the northern night sky – live and analog. For the entire weekend there will be typewriters and stamps available at the Abteilung für Alles Andere. Also there will be potato stamps from which we will make some kind of big primordial soup out of on Sunday night. Everybody is welcome to come by and include individual stars into the great context.

Festival insight by Klikkker

ProjectSpaceFestival-Day23-InstitutfürallesMögliche_Klikkker_WEB_07 ProjectSpaceFestival-Day23-InstitutfürallesMögliche_Klikkker_WEB_08 ProjectSpaceFestival-Day23-InstitutfürallesMögliche_Klikkker_WEB_10 ProjectSpaceFestival-Day23-InstitutfürallesMögliche_Klikkker_WEB_14 ProjectSpaceFestival-Day23-InstitutfürallesMögliche_Klikkker_WEB_15