The PROJECT SPACE FESTIVAL BERLIN invites visitors on a month-long trip through Berlin’s independent art scene. During the Festival, Project Spaces will open their doors for a new event occurring every day of August.

Each participating space will realize one event within a 24-hour period. The program of the festival is as diverse as its participating project spaces.

With a broad selection of participants the PROJECT SPACE FESTIVAL BERLIN provides a momentary slice of the city’s independent scene, offering a platform to consider the idea of  what the term ‘project space’ can mean. Usually what project spaces share in common is what they are not – not a white cube, not institutional, usually not commercial. Project spaces typically focus on artistic experimentation, spark dialogue, nurture local art communities and are a labor of love of those who run it. Creatively working with limited funds the project spaces are seismographs of cultural trends, operating under conditions of simultaneous freedom and fragility.

It is the PROJECT SPACE FESTIVAL BERLIN’s intention to put the work of its hosts in the foreground and celebrate with the public the ever-shifting independent art scene in Berlin. Over time, the program of the Project Space Festival can function as a window to different approaches and concepts of Project Spaces as considered by the jury and team each year.

For 2018 the spaces were selected by a jury which consisted of Katja Aßmann (curator), Ariane Müller (artist/writer), Marie-josé Ourtilane (curator/Project Space Festival Berlin), Nina Rhode (artist) und Markus Zimmermann (artist).

For 2016 the spaces were selected by a jury which consisted of Susanne Husse (Curator), Radek Krolczyk (gallery K’ Bremen / journalist), Hester Oerlemans (artist), Heiko Pfreundt (Project Space Festival Berlin) und Michael Schultze (artist).

For 2015 the spaces were selected by a jury which consisted of Ulf Aminde (artist), Kathrin Becker (n.b.k), Marie-josé Ourtilane (General Public), Matthias Reichelt (Journalist and Curator) and Marie Graftieaux (Project Space Festival) whose intention was to question the definition of a project space. Read their statement here.

In 2014 the program of the Project Space Festival was selected by the Festival team with the intention of highlighting diversity: therefore the architectural structure, curatorial perspective and experimental working structure had been aspects on which to build the program.

Participants 2016:
Alpha Nova & Galerie Futura | Apartment Project | Bruch & Dallas*Centrum | ComedyClub*DisplayDistrict | Frankfurt am Main | Galerie BRD*Grüntaler 9 | Insitu | Kinderhook & Caracas | KN | Kreuzberg Pavillon | KuLe | Labor Neunzehn | LAGE EGAL | La Plaque Tournante | Larrys Show | mp43 | Neue Berliner Räume | NON Berlin | Note On | Radical Praxes/nationalmuseum | Raumerweiterungshalle | Santa Lucia | Schneeeule | Sonntag | Tacho | Tokonoma*uqbar
* invited supra-regional spaces

Participants 2015:
A TRANS | Agora | Archive Kabinett | Berlin-Weekly | Centrum | Decad | District | Erratum | Espace Surplus | exp12 | Frankfurt am Main | General Public | grüntaler9 | Import Projects | insitu | Institut für Alles Mögliche | Kinderhook & Caracas | Kleine Humboldt Galerie | Kreuzberg Pavillon | LAGE EGAL | Neue Berliner Räume | NOTE ON | NuN | Scotty Enterprises | SOX | tête | uqbar | Vesselroom Project |ZÖNOTÉKA | zwanzigquadratmeter

Participants 2014:
after the butcher | Agora | Apartment Project | Archive Kabinett | Autocenter | Berlin-Weekly | Center | Centrum | die raum | District | Espace Surplus | General Public | Grimmuseum | Import Projects | insitu | Kinderhook & Caracas | Kleine Humboldt Galerie | Kreuzberg Pavillon | LAGE EGAL | L40 | LEAP | NOTE ON | NuN | OZEAN | Secondary Narratives | Sonntag | SOX | tête | uqbar | ZK/U

The Project Space Festival Berlin is initiated by insitu e.V. and realized in collaboration with the participating project spaces.